YTTC - Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga: The Ideal Way Of Life

In collaboration with Trimurti Yoga, we promote mindful and individualised yoga practices, based on our deep understanding of the re-balancing power of yoga and meditation techniques.

Trimurti Yoga is like a yoga laboratory – contrast traditional Indian Hatha Yoga with modern styles and approaches (Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Aerial).

Our teaching

We teach practicing yoga based on our understanding of people’s bio-individualities and diversity, and teach yoga that is safe, customised and beneficial – for different people, with different needs and different abilities.

Our teachers

Trimurti Yoga Team is a group of teachers from all over the world, specialised in various fields and aspects of yoga, and educated by different schools and traditions.

Optimum benefits to students

We come together to share, discuss, and explore, and eventually to find out how yoga should be taught today with the optimum benefits to our students.

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