Balinese massage


When in Bali, why not do what the Balinese have been doing for centuries ? Surrender body and mind with a blissful massage with long strokes, kneading, frictions and pressures combined to the art of insight and intuition. This is an ancient healer secret which is both bene cial and delightful.

Javanese massage


Traditional Javanese oil massage exists for more than 300 years in the traditional medicine and is still very popular these days. This massage helps with reducing physical tiredness and relieving muscle tensions. The perfect way to start your holidays !

Swedish massage


The swedish massage is very popular everywhere, it’s appreciated for the variation between vigorous and gentle technicals. This massage uses ve di erent types of strokes, so to ease the pain, soften muscles, it is even e cient against knees osteoarthritis.

French massage


French massage is based on a combination of many massage and bodywork techniques with gentle body rocking, passive joint exercises and deep structural work on the muscles and joints, together with an energetic balancing of the body.

Stone massage


The hot and cold stones massage gives an intense feeling of well-being, because of the di erent stones temperatures. Used to stimulate speci c points on the body, the volcanic stones are covered with oil and spread their heat and bene ts deeply through the body.

Body scrub natural


What about trying our luxurious body scrub ? This is also a major part of Balinese beauty routine, as it will helps stimulating micro-circulation, removing old skins and preparing your skin for tanning. Made from organic ingredients, our body scrub will leave your skin super smooth.

Body mask


Our body mask, composed of clay and charcoal, will purify and relax the skin. In Asia, charcoal is used for getting rid of all the impurities of the skin and relieve tensions. A truly relaxing break, for an all-new body !

Bust treatment


Bust treatment is composed of a gentle massage, followed by a toning mask speci c for this part of the body. Perfect to plump the skin and look younger.

Cream bath


Indonesian women are renowned for their sleek, lustrous locks. A part of their secret is the hair cream bath. the ‘bath’ is actually a thick coating of conditioning cream, meticulously massaged into your scalp. Penetration is the key, so while the cream is working on softening, strengthening and glossing your hair, the therapist’s ngers work their own magic on your neck and shoulders.

Blow hair natural


Hair drying technique performed after treatment cream bath for maximum results for your beautiful hair softness.

Facial manual


The ultrasonic therapy is bene cial for strengthen the skin, reduce wrinkles and heal acne and sebum excess. This treatment will make your skin luminous, soft and tonic.

Facial machine with serum collagen


Facial machine serves as e ective non-invasive treatments for spaced micro-beams of laser energy to prompt new collagen growth.

Accuepressure / face massage


The face is the center of acupuncture points, which when stimulated help relieving sinus problems, tooth pains, eye aches, also helps with face and eyes congestion.

Waxing for her or for him


Waxing services are both for men and women, please have a look at our prices, feeling gorgeous begins here !



Reflexology will stimulate speci c points in the feet and hands, which correspond to all the organs, glands and body parts. Stimulation of these points highly improve your health and well-being.

Hand and foot spa


For your feet and hands comfort, the hand and foot spa is deeply relaxing, thanks to a refreshing mask and process.

Manicure & pedicure


We offer you a large range of solutions for your nails, from gel, acrylics, para n dip, to nail art. Whether you want a simple manicure or a more sophisticated look for your nails, everything is possible ! A great moment which can also be a nice gift idea, for a quick makeover !

Manicure & pedicure spa


This treatment is the same as manicure and pedicure, but with a gentle massage and a mask on your hands and feet, the perfect treatment for an extreme softness.

Nail art


Nail art is a creative way to decorate nails. For both fingernails and toenails, it’s fun and original !