Yoga class


In collaboration with Trimurti Yoga, we promote mindful and individualised yoga practices, based on our deep understanding of the re-balancing power of yoga and meditation techniques.

Trimurti Yoga is like a yoga laboratory – contrast traditional Indian Hatha Yoga with modern styles and approaches (Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga and Aerial).

Diving for beginners


If you’ve never tried diving before, you are at the right place. Diving is easy, fun and exciting ! Please, ask us for a free try in the pool and be ready for a wonderful adventure under the sea ( Price on request)!

Diving for advanced levels


If you are an advanced diver, you will appreciate how beautiful the underwater world is here in Amed. With so many different species to discover, from Tulamben to Lipah, there is a lot to see for everyone and for every level !

Free Diving


In collaboration with a Free-diving school in Amed we offer initiation sessions in our resident pool. If you succeed the frst level, you will be able to go diving on the amazing Liberty wreck in Tulamben.



Snorkelling is the best way to admire the underwater world and the wonderful tropical fishes that you can see in our area. No need of being trained, just follow the guide, it’s very simple !



Enjoy a special moment with your family, discover Bali’s landscapes in a different way, with a secure activity. The tour includes transport with an AC equipped car, 3h of rafting on the river with two breaks, lunch, then transfer back to the hotel around 5 pm.

Sunsrise Fishing


Get in a traditional boat called jukung and discover the major activity in Amed, early morning fishing. We leave at 5 am, on the way, we may see dolphins on the way, arrival around 6 am for sunrise on small islands o the coasts and sh there. We go back around 9 am. If you get sh, we will cook it for you !



Bike is the best transport to discover Bali in its most authentic face, on the small roads between jungle and rice-fields, enjoy a privileged time inside the balinese nature !



There is so much to see in Bali, between mountains, and tropical jungle, trekking will let you discover all these wonders, at your own rhythm, we can suggest you 1h, 3h, half-day or even full-day trek.

Half-day tour


To make your stay easy, we have prepared for you half-day tours, in a close distance to Amed.
Enjoy these day trips and take the occasion to learn more about the island of the Gods and its wonders !

Full day tour


If you wish to go further in the exploration, we have also planned full day tours, to visit Bali in its lower corners. The island is not so big, so its quite easy to go to several different points of interest in one day.

Cooking class


Balinese cuisine is surprising, fresh and tasty. Learn how to make some famous recipes, then you can remind your travel back home and let your friends discover this exotic gastronomy.